In our home we eat all together, sharing large tables contained the dining room which can host up to 80 people. During nice summer evenings, the dinner is served on the air conditioned veranda.

During our meals chats are happy, often in many different languages, and so are the toasts with our Cannonau, which cheers meals and companionship.

But this year we will have to put this habit aside.In compliance with the anti-Covid-19 rules, only members of the same household are allowed to share the same table. However, thanks to our large outdoor spaces, you will be able to enjoy late evenings socialising with other guests in the courtyard and in complete safety.

The menu varies each day, but never forget the tradition that guides us for many years.

Never lacking of handmade culurgiones and malloreddus, home baked bread, Giorgio’s roast (the inevitable pork, but also lamb, goat, sheep and wild boar), our cheeses and assortment of cold cuts.

Not to be forgotten are the selection of liquor served after the meal: among the other traditional you can appreciate the incomparable Agrumello made with our oranges, lemons and tangerines.

And for breakfast? Fragrant cakes, freshly baked bread and cookies, our own delicious fruit juices, marmalades and jams .


Have a look at an example of a typical menu 


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